Bnl Software | The book “Fire and Fury” introduces Donald Trump as an incompetent narcissist.
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The book “Fire and Fury” introduces Donald Trump as an incompetent narcissist.

The book “Fire and Fury” introduces Donald Trump as an incompetent narcissist.

No wonder that the president takes legal and verbal action against it. Even his closest circle reacts outraged, his opponents amused.

Washington Politically Washington had settled for a few quieter days. A cold snap on the east coast paralyzed the daily business, several senators had left the city before the weekend to see in their home States to the Right. But the alleged calm only lasted briefly – as so often in Donald Trump’s term.

Since Wednesday, the first passages from the book “Fire and Fury” were published by the US journalist Michael Wolff, the US capital is in high excitement. The book draws a conceivably unfavorable picture of the president. Wolff describes Trump as an incompetent and overburdened head of state, who is more interested in his own prominence than in the duties of the office. It reports on the allegedly chaotic conditions in the White House based on interviews that author Wolff claims to have led.

Especially spicy: One of the journal’s most important source of quotations was Trump’s ex-chief strategist Steve Bannon. The boss of the alt-right medium “Breitbart”, delivered some highly unfavorable sentences about Trump’s immediate environment, right down to his family. He called the meeting Trump son Don Jr. with a Russian lawyer during the election campaign “treacherous” and “unpatriotic” – and pointed to the risks for the US president, who through the relations of his son-in-law Jared Kushner with Deutsche Bank.

It is not the first time that this link is making headlines. Last fall, the Handelsblatt revealed that special investigator Robert Mueller sent subpoenas to Deutsche Bank as part of his investigation into possible cooperation between Trump’s campaign team and Russia in order to gain insight into the finances of the president and his community.

This moves back into focus. “The way of the investigators leads over the German bank and the whole Kushner crap”, quoted author Wolff Bannon. The real threat to Trump’s presidency is not the alleged cooperation with Russia, but money laundering. This is one of the more resilient recent revelations, writes “Bloomberg” to. Also “CNN” commented that Trump could face huge new problems, should the suspicion be confirmed that Don Jr. and Kushner are involved in illegal business with Deutsche Bank.