Bnl Software | Krypto Today: Bitcoin is scratching the $ 16,000 mark
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Krypto Today: Bitcoin is scratching the $ 16,000 mark

Krypto Today: Bitcoin is scratching the $ 16,000 mark

Central Bankers around the world are warning about Bitcoin. China has already banned bitcoin swaps in local currency. But there are also developments in the other direction. In Chicago and other exchanges, investors have been betting on rising and falling Bitcoin prices since December.

The German radio author Caspar Dohmen said that the end of the Bitcoin can come with year 2022. The illegal machinations in connection with the best cryptocurrency of the world throw a bad light on the Bitcoin. Originally, however, the digital currency should be a means of payment over which central banks have no control. But now the end of this means of payment is being discussed. The followers of Bitcoin find it particularly appealing that the Bitcoin volume is limited. Scientist Phillip Sandner said, “Sometime in 2100, the theoretical number of 21 million bitcoins will be reached.”

But already in the year 2022 threatens the Aus and for a very trivial reason. The reason is the power-consuming bitcoin mining. A Citigroup study says a bitcoin would cost between $ 300,000 and $ 1.5 million in 2022 to cover electricity alone. Technologically, the Bitcoin has already landed on the siding, because transaction times of 10 minutes and costs of $ 20 / transaction are anything but timely.

But the speculators are not deterred by it. Currently, the BTC / USD recorded a daily gain of 5.89% at $ 16,048.